As well as smashing records as a Kicker and hauling in passes at Tight End, Tigers veteran Jason Maclean has developed a reputation for his brightly-coloured practice gear amongst team-mates.

And his nickname – Skittles – matches his big personality, as a key member of the Tigers changing room over a number of seasons. After catching a touchdown pass in the final league game of 2019 against Yorkshire Academy Rams, and putting in an impressive performance against Dunfermline Kings in our post-season friendly, Jason has his sights set on leaving his mark on the Glasgow Tigers record books.

We caught up with Skittles during the COVID-19 lockdown to find out more about some of his favourite memories as a Tiger. What’s the story behind how you got involved with American Football?

Skittles: I was on a school exchange trip to America, in Pendleton, South Carolina, and the family I stayed with’s boy played DE. One day he got a few of his friends together and we had a wee game of touch- I still remember Sam, the son, totally blindsiding his dad was absolutely hilarious.

Sam got me into playing Madden – at this point, all I knew about American football in 2004 was the Super Bowl. So I went the Patriots and Sam then said this is your team you follow them no changing. I tried it at Uni which I really enjoyed but just didn’t have the time as I was captain of the football team, and football on Saturdays just couldn’t fit it all in with training schedules.

Skittles on his way into the end zone during the 2019 league finale against Yorkshire Academy Rams (Picture by Alex Daniel)

GT: What made you decide to play for the Tigers?

S: I saw a Facebook page for an open day – a couple of my mates were supposed to come along too, but bottled it last minute. I went myself because I wasn’t missing an opportunity to play again (after uni).

GT: Describe how you felt before your first game – and how it turned out

S: My first game was away to Northumberland. We had a lineman dinner the Friday before, and our coach told us to just enjoy it, I was the youngest on the (offensive) line back then (and skinnier); we went on to win, I had a great block for the opening TD run and never looked back.

GT: What is your favourite story from your time with the Tigers?

S: None that can be repeated… Not so much a story, but the road to the Bowl Game season. We lost the first game, won a few close games during the season. I kicked 12 points in the semi final and then just the experience of the final definitely pulls on the feels.

Skittles put in an impressive showing during our end-of-year friendly with Dunfermline Kings (Picture by Richard Lundy)

GT: What would you like to achieve in the sport by the time you hang up your boots?

S: I’d love to break Willie Clark’s 42-yard field goal record, since I have the total kicker points in a season one… Learn as much as I can from Kenny (Muir) at TE and develop into a reliable target for the QB and maybe some more TD’s along the way.

Quick fire round…

Best athlete – Jamie Baird
Worst gear – Euan MacLean
Best music taste – Me, obviously…
Biggest joker – Ryan Cassidy
Underrated – All Offensive Linemen

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